December 02, 2004

this and that (and that and that and that...)

I'm just back from the department Christmas luncheon. Well, technically it was a "holiday" lunch and everyone carefully said "Happy Holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas". But there were enormous wreaths on the restaurant walls including one with antique-ish but oddly disembodied Santa heads all over it (were their bodies cut off and used in the stew?) and the VP wore a Twelve Days of Christmas tie (which would come in handy as a cheat sheet if you were singing that song and had trouble remembering) so, you know, really it was a CHristmas party. However, it was free and there were steaks; I am not complaining. It was nice.

I am looking forward to this weekend. Aside from a small party Friday night and flying Sunday morning and some food shopping somewhen, I need to get finished making the ____ for ____ so I can mail it with the other things going out that way. (The scary part is that there's more than one object fitting in those dashes.) Then there's some other gift knitting I'm postponing because it doesn't have to be done until Christmas. And I need to do cards, though my decision to computer-print all the labels this year will help a lot there. (Does anyone really mind if the label isn't handwritten as long as the message in the card is?) And I need to read Mer's story because I promised and I want to give her feedback before it's too late to be useful.

Hmmm. So maybe if I print the story, since it will be on paper and not in a book and thus will lay flat, I can read that while knitting .... but not while beading. Drat. Or maybe I shouild try doing one thing at at a time to see if I finish faster. Or maybe I could figure out how to erg and read and put knitting needles in place of the erg handle.....

Not complaining, not at all. These are all pleasant tasks, with the possible exception of erging and food shopping. It all sounds to me like a good way to spend a weekend.

Posted by dichroic at December 2, 2004 02:02 PM
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