December 13, 2004

in order (more or less)

This morning for some reason I have Jimi Hendrix's Stone Free running around my head. Now it seems to be some tiddly circus music. Of course, everytime I think about that the Hendrix comes back but only for a moment and then it's diddly-ump-ump-ump, deedaly-dump-bump-bump again.

One thing I'm pleased about is that with all the running around this weekend, I really did get a lot of stuff done and did it in the right order. (As in, "I need to do some holiday cards and also laundry this evening so I should start the laundry first so there's time to get it into the dryer before I go to bed.) And I worked steadily instead of running from one half-done task to another. That doesn't mean I'm becoming more organized or anything, but it is a good sign that I'm not sleep-deprived any more. Tonight I'll buy some more strings of lights (whose price will determine whether I throw away or try to fix some old ones that aren't working right), finish putting the lights on the tree and get at least most of the ornaments on, and then write some more cards. Or it might be better to wait until Rudder's back to decorate the tree and get my last bit of holiday knitting done. What was that about doing things in order again?

Thankful for: Libraries. Just in general. I like libraries.
Holiday challenge: 59000m to go.

Posted by dichroic at December 13, 2004 12:47 PM

Not such a bad suggestion for the verbal, if not the verb combat. We're about to go all commando here. And by the bye, we're going to throw in some exquisite extension cord stuff too. Where else, I ask you, can you get this sort of entertainment. Bless ye.

Posted by: outfoxed at December 13, 2004 05:06 PM
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