December 14, 2004

in the history books

This isn't the entry I was going to write, but it sort of expanded. Expect another along shortly.

My Google Guessing Rank (GGR) is 24625. What's yours?

I did get the tree lighted and some ornaments up, but didn't get anything knitted or written yesterday because last night was full of book-related surprises. The least surprising was one of the gifts Rudder had left for me, a Borders gift certificate. (The litle gray envelope with BORDERS embossed on it sort of gave that one away.)

In addition, two packages arrived in the mail. One was from Mechaieh, which confused me since she'd already sent a book she knew I'd like for a Chanukah present. It turns out that part of her modus operandi for clearing out bookshelves is to choose some of the surplus books and send them to friends she thinks might like them. That strikes me as such a good idea that I'd steal it, except that I never throw out any books but those I think are so horrible I'm sure I'll never read them again - not books I'd want to inflict on friends. Though I did just offer a duplicate copy of the third Thursday Next book on a list where I knew it would be appreciated. (Minor mistake: I offered it to anyone in North America, and the first person to ask for it is in Canada. I didn't realize that shipping it there will cost slightly more than the book's worth via the UPS store. It would probably be cheaper at the Post Orifice, but the extra few dollars are probably worth the not standing in line.)

The other surprise is that I am now in a history book. It's Oxford Circle: The Jewish Community of Northeast Philadelphia, by Allen Meyers. It's part of the Images of America series. The author must have gone to the local synagogues to ask people to share information and photographs with him. I had known my mom talked to him; what I didn't know was that 6 family photos (plus one of the first page of her high-school yearbook) were in the book. I'm in four of those and it appears she picked the goofiest ones to give him. So I'm immortalized as a funny-looking kid. Still, I'm pleased to have the one of me, my brother and my grandfather, and the one of my grandfather alone.

Thankful for: All of my grandparents and having had them until I was in college.
Holiday Challenge: 49000 meters to go.

Posted by dichroic at December 14, 2004 12:14 PM

Hm. Since I go by three names, I decided to do "Melissa Ray" since "Melissa Davis" in sequence is rarely used to refer to me (and Google's system works by words in sequence). Almost everywhere I'm ever mentioned, it's Melissa Ray Davis. So. Melissa Ray, my google guessing Rank is 855,000, and the first result really is me. I'm almost up there with Neil Gaiman. Weird. I have no idea why, but Awakened has a TON of Google Juice.

Posted by: Melissa at December 14, 2004 07:57 PM

My GGR is zero! :-D

Posted by: Maria at December 14, 2004 10:53 PM
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