December 20, 2004

almost ready for Christmas

Excellent weekend. It's not that we did anything terribly special but I got Rudder back and that's enough. For some reason, even though he was only gone for a week it was a very long week.

We are now more or less on track for the holiday and for Rudder's parents' and grandparents' visit. What I really need is a big DONE! stamp like they use on the show Monster House.

Food shopping: DONE!
All we need to do is pick up some milk right before guests arrive.

Boughten gifts purchased: DONE!
Including way too many extra gifts (to be marked "from Santa") and stocking stuffers.

Tree decorated: DONE!
At least, it's at a point where it looks all right if we don't do anything else to it. If I have time, I'll add a few more plain red and gold balls to it.

Homemade gifts: in progress -- all done but the hat for my MIL, and that's secondary to the long-since-finished Moebius scarf.

The beading stuff is put away and the ping-pong table is moved outside. There's still a little neatening to be done and guest beds to be sheeted, but the guest towels are out and the cleaning service will be in Sunday. I won't make the pies (one eggnog and one cappucino cream - I wonder where the espresso maker is?) until at least Christmas Eve. Aside from those I'm totally cheating on baking, having bought slice-and-bake cookies and brownie mix. Rudder will inject the turkeys on Thursday and deep-fry them Christmas day. The fridge is groaning with indigestion and bulging at the seams; Rudder's family went in for food gifts this year so in addition to the two turkeys we're deep-frying (one to eat and one to freeze) there's a smoked turkey, five kinds of cheese (well, I bought the Brie and goat cheeses) and I don't know how many kinds of sausage (plus the chorizo we bought for breakfast fajitas. The rest of this week will feature quit times at work, a party tonight, feverish knitting, and gift wrapping. Lots and lots of wrapping. Between the company of people who know how to be guests (not universal knowledge, I'm finding, but if you want to see how it's done right, invite Mechaieh to stay with you sometime) and the time off work, this should be fun and even relaxing. I'm hoping that "Lakeview time" is a traveling effect and that Rudder's grandparents bring it with them; when we've visited them we notice that time goes slower there and there seem to be more minutes in each day.

After the family leaves, we have a few more pleaant things planned. I need to row a bit to get used to the boat again; I've got a cross-country flight to plan and fly up to our property on the rim (VFR so I can enjoy the scenery); Rudder and I are 80% sure that this is the bed we're buying as our gift to each other. And though it willprobably take some weeks for it to be delivered, I'll be happy to spend plenty of the holiday break snoozing in our old bed.

Posted by dichroic at December 20, 2004 10:13 AM

That is a great bed. What color are you thinking about? The black is very nice, but it would be awesome in a deep russet leather. Buckskin would be pretty for about 6 weeks then it would start to stain. The shape is very similar to the bed Mike and I want. The curly iron bedstead we have now is a hair grabber. Not a prob for me, but Mike has hated that bed for 14 years. ~LA

Posted by: LA at December 20, 2004 05:57 PM

Very cool bed--very hollywood glam, and I'd say Deco-y except for the leather.

I need one of your big stamps too :-) Oh, and I agree--Mechaieh is the ultimate houseguest. Perfectly charming and doesn't expect you to disrupt your life for her.

Posted by: Swoop at December 21, 2004 04:51 AM


Posted by: Mechaieh at December 21, 2004 04:10 PM
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