December 27, 2004

end of Xmas

Well, yesterday's vegetable soup wasn't great - nothing really wrong with it, but it needed a couple extra hours in the crockpot. Other than that, I think my in-laws ae now convinced we're increedible cooks - the highlights at Xmas dinner were Rudder's deep-fried turkey and my cappucino pie. Yummy. The visit was a shining success in general. Rudder's grandmother commented that it seemed like we were always eating, which was true enough but funny, since I had the same reaction to visiting them last summer. Rudder's grandparents can't really walk far enough for any of the activities we'd have otherwise planned, so mostly we all just hung around, but I know everyone had a good time. Last night I dragged them all out to sit by a bonfire - I've been wanting to put floating candles on the pool for a awhile and this was my chance. It had been chilly but last night was cloudy, which holds heat in, so it was just warm enough for us not to freeze and cool enough to want to stay near the fire. The reflection of the fire and candles on the pol were magical and it turned out to be a great way to end their visit.

The only drawback was that I got very few gifts this year, especially compared to the loads of stuff I got everyone else. However, that was just because my family of course sent their gifts for Chanukah and some of our Xmas gifts were perishable things that we opened on arrival. For example we got lots of summer sausage and cheese, which were great to have with that many people around. Also, Rudder and I are giving each other a new bed, which we haven't gotten yet, and the grandparents' gift to us was their presence, which is a very nice sort of present but doesn't have a bow to untie. I did get a midweight fleece pullover from the in-laws, whicih is something I've been wanting - I've been jealous of Rudder's. Also, my MIL was delighted with the Moebius scarf and my GMIL seemed to like the scarf I knitted her, and I love giving gifts people love.

They left today because my FIL has to get back to work and they have a 2-3 day drive back. Now the big festive part of the holiday is over, Rudde is enjoying a nap and I'm looking forward to a whole week off work to do whatever I want. I'll post pics of the poncho later when Ruder's around to take pictures and, when I finish it, of the mini-Weasley sweater I'm knitting. (It's a top-down raglan and will be 3-4" tall - seemed lilke a good way to see how that works.)

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