December 30, 2004

unconnected brain offgassing

Random Observations:

I decided on the Noro Sillk Garden for th scarf - knitted the beginnings of it in both yarns to see how it worked out and the Manos was too heavy. Though if I do a second scarf of it, it might make a good shawl/lap robe for the office.

So far the Sillk Garden has broken three times on me (I don't think I knit all *that* tight) but at least it spit-splices well.

Watched VH1's 100 Best Heavy Metal / Hard Rock Bands last night. Why do they even try to make it suspenseful that Led Zeppelin was voted the best metal band of all time? And why didn't someone *tell* me Eddie Vedder was so good-looking? I mean, I've heard Pearl Jam, of ourse, but had never seen them.

Note to American Christians: As a semi-outsider I can report that the way you-all celebrate Christmas is terrible. Months of preparation for one day? It's just ludicrous and probably accounts for all those artificially high expectations that result in post-holiday letdown. I propose we all go to celebrating for all twelve days. Or we could do the Saturnalia thing, with the Lord of Misrule and all the role-reversals and such. And my company (and yours, if you're a wage-slave) should give me a holiday until Epiphany, too.

Besides, I've concluded I really need two weeks off: one to rest up and sleep and one to do stuff.

I rather wish some of you authorial types out there would read Diana Wynne Jones' Hexwood and let me know what you think. She's trying to do a lot of funky and confusing things with the structure - that is, some times the reader is supposed to be confused and sometimes I was anyway. I don't think it altogether succeeded; one indicator was that she had to explain a few threads in an Author's Note at the end. But it was interesting to watch her handling iof the tricky bits, and it's a good enough story that it kept me involved regardless. I'd rate it as a fascinating but not completely successful experiment. It reminded me of Fire and Hemlock more than anything else of hers I'd read, but I think the latter ties up the ends better. There aren't too many books I think ought to be longer, but this might be one.

I know part of the reason there seem to be so many miscarriages is because people know about pregnancies so much earlier, but I've known of far too many lately, some after the mother started showing signs of pregnancy. It breaks my heart, because some of these were so wanted.

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*thank you*

and thanks for posting the pic of your poncho, I liked it. :)

Posted by: ruthie at January 2, 2005 05:08 PM
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