March 09, 2001

Ice Fog Dance

I do have guitar chords for this one. An ice fog is a real event, in which the water vapor if frozen, and apparently the motes do sparkle. I heard about it on the radio program "Earth and Sky", and somehow had to write about it.

On a cold clear night
When the air was still
I saw sparkling motes
Of ice distilled.

And they danced
Wild, fair and free,
And they danced
To an ancient melody.

I watched them dancing, and I wanted to join in
I tried to take the air, but I did not know
Where to begin.

Then I came and held you
After time apart,
As I held you tightly
Joy woke my heart

And it danced
Wild, fair and free,
And it danced,
My heart with yours, and you with me,
And it danced,
And I heard that ancient primal melody....

Posted by dichroic at March 9, 2001 02:34 PM
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