January 24, 2002

Satan Tempted Me

How can a good God allow evil?
The question is so often asked
Now that we have such enormities in our recent past.

Maybe Hes just a prime mover
Maybe Hes not there at all
Maybe hes gotten disgusted and sits staring at a wall

Or maybe he cant make a difference
Maybe hes just ineffectual
If so, you may be disillusioned if he fails to resurrect you all.

But I I believe in free will
I think we can chose our own way
And so I think we can blame only ourselves, at the end of the day
Ourselves and each other, if we are called to account at the end of the day.

copyright pkb, 2002

I admit it: Satan tempted me to do it. In this case, he was masquerading as that rhyme in the third verse.

Posted by dichroic at January 24, 2002 02:49 PM
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