April 09, 2001

Monday morning

Why do they make weekends so short?

How on earth is a person supposed to fit 40-50 hours of work, at least one serious hobby, eating, sleeping, other physiological necessities, and the requisite amount of reading, thinking, and loving needed to live a full life, into one paltry 168-hour week?

I liked Phelpís dream, in which she, Mechaieh, and I shared a house. Not that I would want to do without our respective male companions, but the idea of tending the lemon trees, reading and reading and reading, and enjoying the conversation and good food that would necessarily be in any house containing those two, sounds like a good way to live a life. At least for a while, at least if there were rocks to climb, rivers to row, or paths to hike nearby.

This was my first weekend at back at home. I do feel that I made good use of the time with T, but I still havenít gotten all of my stuff put away. (At least my priorities are straight.)

On the other hand, the weekend did include physical activity outdoors, sex, and even a bit of socializing, so by objective standards, it was successful. Those three things are, to us, the Three Pillars of a Good Weekend.

These last few entries have been a bit of an experiment. I find Iím still uncomfortable discussing sex in this public forum, even as tangentially as I have discussed it here. This is only as it applies to me; I have no difficulty going into clinical detail in the abstract, or even telling filthy jokes. I donít know whether itís a hangup or a decent sense of reticence, but thatís probably a matter of opinion anyway. Itís not really important which it is; either way itís me. So I wonít force it any longer, though I sure as hell donít promise to keep these pages squeaky clean -- that wouldnít be me either.

I will be interested to see what this week brings at work. It was looking promising by the middle of last week, but by the end of the week, things were a bit slow. If I donít get busier this week, Iíll have to take steps of some sort to up the challenge level. The big decision will be what sort of steps.

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