April 11, 2001

Floppy boat, words for weddings

Rowing News: I donít know when Iíll have time to post the rowing glossary Evilena requested, but Iíll try to define any jargon as I go.

Latest in the continuing rowing coach saga: Having gotten no response from Coach DI yesterday, I went to rowing this morning, worried about what I might encounter. And .... nothing. I think he was avoiding me outside the boat, though at 5 AM, no one is all that talkative, so the conclusion is tenuous at best. During practice, however, he gave me more direct feedback than usual, and even told me when I improved something. What more can a rower ask for?

It was a terrible row, though. We did drills the whole time, and I was amazed that DI remained as calm as he did. The boat is supposed to be completely balanced, with all oars moving as one. Instead it was flopping from side to side, and I couldnít seem to get my timing right. There were about 3 other lightweight women in my eight (lightweight, for women rowers, is under 135 lbs) and they had just moved up from the Fitness (i.e. noncompetitive) class held in the evenings. So I was only part of the problem, though I still wasnít part of the solution.

DI did call a coachesí meeting for this Saturday, to discuss "issues that have come up" but I doubt Iím one of them (though Iíll still worry until itís over). I really hate to waste time on meetings in the middle of a precious weekend morning. I think we may have to give up coaching after our May classes; itís just too much. I havenít actually done any coaching since November, but I suspect I might return to my former burnt-out state fairly rapidly. Weíll see. Coaching is actually fun for its own sake, and I learn a lot that also applies to work and other parts of life. Combine that with rowing and a job, though, and itís all Too Much.

End of the rowing news

Iím still thinking about my uncharacteristic Jubilate yesterday. Itís definitely still in progress, and in fact, Iíve made some small changes already, since first posting it. I want to do a bit more work on the internal structure, and on the rhythm of the words, since itís definitely mean to be spoken out loud. (Sung or chanted would be even better.) Some comments on it that meant a lot came from Mechaieh (I have just been sitting here for ten minutes thinking of an apt and telling way to describe the quality of her work, to explain why I care about her opinons, but I give up. Theyíre good, really good.) and from my brother The Writer, who said something about stealing some of this to use at his wedding.

Since his wedding is probably a year or two away, I donít know how likely this is, but Iíd love to have him use it. He read the Apache Blessing at my wedding ("Now there will be no rain/for the two of you will be shelter for each other") and it was nice, but it was one of the things I wish Iíd had more time to personalize further. He read it perfectly, as expected, but I regret not having had time to find words (and music, for the reception) that fit our own voices a little more closely.

Then again....the wedding we went to a few weeks ago included a reading from John Donne, the one that goes "I wonder, by my troth, what thou and I did before we loved." Had I picked a piece of his that better fit us, it would have been the one about not wanting to get out of his loverís bed in the morning:

Busy old fool, unruly Sunne

Why dost thout thus

Though windows, and through curtains, call on us?

Iím not sure how that would have one over with the great-aunts.

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