April 15, 2001

A calm weekend

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A calm weekend

It’s been a quiet weekend here at Lake Dichroic, though, you’ll note, still busy enough that I never did update here yesterday. Consider it compensation for all those two- and three-entry days.

It’s our last quiet weekend before we start coaching on weekends again, so we’re appreciating each second we get to laze around. Yesterday, I ran some errands, baked some brownies (from a box), then went to a rowing coaches’ meeting. Coach DI was surprisingly calm and civil, though I had a hard time not laughing when he was talking about the need to be more careful driving the coaching launches (these, by the way, are gas-powered catamaran-hulled boats that we use to stay alongside the rowing shells while coaching). He and (hmmm...what’s a good name for a small, loud, hairy guy....) Yosemite Sam were the only ones there who have been driving the launches much. I’m not entirely sure whether DI was chiding himself or YS. We signed up to coach three classes in a row every Saturday and Sunday: Advanced, Intermediate, and Beginner, which makes me very glad that we’ve promised to do this only every other month. By the way, the brownies absolutely sucked. Brownies are the oe thing I don’t bother cooking from scratch because the mixes are usually so good; I think the problem may have been due to too much non-stick spray and a very old mix.

After the meeting, I got Coach DI to show me how to drive the launch, making sure T was along this time. Strange, but true....almost no one will yell at a woman if her husband or boyfriend is there. (Even the WASPishly even-tempered T thinks DI has been going a bit overboard in his post-practice rants lately, anyhow.) I went out on a limb and pointed out that he could hardly send me down to the Advanced class (as he has threatened to do to anyone whose rowing doesn’t improve) as I would be coaching that class. At which he laughed and said he’d had no intention of demoting me. Almost a compliment, by God.

Later, we did yardwork, me in a bathing suit because, though I’m not much on tanning, I do want to be a bit less blindingly white. After that, we picked up Mexican food and headed over to T2 Hatfield’s to help build stands (on rollers) so that he and T could store their double in a less high-traffic area -- apparently it’s under the Other Rowing Club’s four, and has been getting a lot of dings lately.

When they were done that, we hung out in the perfect twilight temperatures on T2’s back patio, until he shooed us off so he could get to bed (a major advantage of hanging out with other rowers is that you can do this at 8PM and they won’t think you’re lyng in order to get rid of them). After which T and I enjoyed our own back patio for a bit.

Today, we will be back out to the lake to celebrate Easter -- someone has come up with the fairly hare-brained idea of a modified spoon race -- eights racing for 500 meters while the cox carries a giant plastic egg on an oar, held horizontally. After this, the launch will scatter the eggs all over the lake and we’ll all rush about madly (while adhering more or less to the normal counter-clockwise traffic pattern) to gather them up. Should be, um, interesting, and quite possibly fun. T and I have decided that we need a lot more of these three-day weekends.

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