April 18, 2001

Rowingís OK, work is slow

Nothing profound this morning -- apparently I used up my imitations of profundity yesterday. If you donít think yesterdayís second entry was profound, then that just proves I donít do imitations well.

The best word to describe rowing today is "okay". Not terribly painful, as I coxed for half the practice and we were doing drills all day anyway. We werenít doing them well, but they still werenít nearly as painful as Mondayís long pieces. The only notable point is that I rowed port today, for the first time in 4-5 months, and had surprisingly little trouble with it. Most people develop a preference for one side or the other; I never have. I seem to row starboard more often, mostly because Iím so small that Iím usually put in bow seat, which is starboard in a standard-rigged boat, but I have a suspicion my technique is better on port.

It looks like I will be doing quite a bit of technical writing for a project at work, creating the halp files for an application weíre creating. Does that mean time spent doing this is work-related, since Iím presumably improving my writing skills? I finally brought in one of the two boxes of stuff Iíd taken home before the Worcester trip. The challenge now will be fitting an office-worth of stuff in a cube. Itís been so nice having a window, though, that the transition hasnít been that difficult.

Things are a little slow at work just now, but next week Iíll be off at a convention, which sounds both interesting and luxurious. Not sure if Iíll have access to a computer though, so expect updates here to be sparse. I think Iíve said that before. Pardon the repetition -- Iím not convinced that my memory isnít failing, thoug it ay be that itís always been bad for something. Iím great on song lyrics and poetry though -- my theory is that all the useless lyrics and trivia take up memory space that I should be devoting to real life. I have no plans to change, though, as I enjoy remembering lyrics and trivia much more than appointments and such. Thatís what Palm Pilots are for, anyway.

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