April 24, 2001

Water and Troll problems

Arrgh. Conference all day, conference outing at night, I’m already going to bed too late to get up and work out tomorrow, and now we’ve got Return of the Troll (see Phelps and Evilena for details). Sort of difficult to keep up with all of this when I can only stay logged on for 30 minutes at a time, too. More than that and the hotel charges me $.30/minute. Apparently, people were staying on the lines too long with data calls (fancy that!) and their switchboard couldn’t handle it.

The conference isn’t part of the problem. The conference is great – big enough to have several things going on at once, small enough to get to know people, scads of useful info. Next year I want to come back as a presenter.

There is one teensy problem with the conference hotel, though. Apparently, due to a water main break last night, the water here is unsafe to drink without boiling. This makes me wonder a bit about using the pool and washing. The hotel has been providing lots of drinking water, some with their own label. I’m impressed at the logistics, but I wonder: does this happen often enough that they keep cases and cases on hand? Were there frantic phone calls across Florida last night? Did they divert shipments from somewhere else? And if so, what will those people drink?

Maybe it’s safer to stick to beer. Sticky to swim in, though.

Posted by dichroic at April 24, 2001 09:31 PM
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