May 03, 2001

waves, weights, books, and cruises

Today we found a new and unique reason not to row. The lake will be used for a big waterskiing event this weekend, and theyíve set up a baffle partway down the middle, along its long axis, to cut down on waves. Itís a long, narrow lake with concrete walls, so waves can bounce back and forth and take a long time to subside. By the way, hereís a tour of my lake. In the high wind here yesterday, that barricade broke apart and there are now barrels floating all over the lake. They ride low in the water and are very hard to see (especially since we go out before sunrise).

Instead I did a 10-minute erg piece then went and lifted at the gym (arms today). I have a feeling that the funny popping feel in my shoulder during one bench pull means pain for tomorrow. I noticed today that I have a habit of resting the dumbbellsí edges on my chect during upright rows, which could make for some rather embarrassing marks. (No, I havenít been hanging out with Badsnake. Yes, I really did get those bruises at the gym.) *Takes a quick peek down shirt* No bruising so far, though.

Amazon is unfair. I still havenít gotten my order, which is not surprising, since they only shipped it on April 30 (a day before Lord of the Silent was officially released, so no complaints there). But on April 30, I ordered two books for my mother, as a Motherís day gift. Both books were marked "usually ships in 2-3 days"; add in about 4 business days for shipping and a day or so safety factor, and, I reasoned, sheíd get them just before Motherís Day. She called to thank me for them yesterday. I wish Amazon would apply some of that speed to my order!

I was a little embarassed, too, not having realized that Mothers and Daughters, by Madeleine LíEngle and her daughter Maria Rooney, includes some of LíEngleís religious poetry. I donít think her poetry is nearly as good as her prose, and itís certainly not as universal. Mom tells me, however, that only a few pieces are "too Jesus-y".

Mom also tells me that she and Dad are thinking of taking a cruise to the Caribbean this summer, which I think they will enjoy. Mom will wear frighteningly bright clothing and play goofy shipboard games, and as for Dad, well....laying out on a deck chair in the tropical sun with a cool drink at hand is very close to my fatherís idea of heaven. Add in nubile women in bikinis refilling the drink and youíre there.

Except for the drink (and the women), this is also close to Tís idea of hell, so I donít see a lot of cruising in our future. We will likely cruise to Alaska some year, but will look for a trip that involved lots of hiking and kayaking. Weíre also hoping to take a boat trip to Antarctica over Christmas of 2002 or 2003; that trip might be a little sedentary in spots, but the scenery should more than make up for it.

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