May 14, 2001

oar-breaking wenches and underwear

Itís Monday, so it was distance day -- adding insult to injury. I was only in for one 20-minute piece though, and was swapped out to cox. Did 2000m on the erg at work to make up for the short workout. The most amusing part of practice was when Egret, T2 Hatfieldís sig O, broke an oar. The oars are carbon fiber, so breaking one is a synonym for sheer brutish strength (I should mention here that sheís about 5í4" and may weigh less than I do -- sheís built like the runner she is). She didnít really break the material of course -- what happened was that a screw may have been loose, so the handle snapped out of the shaft. But thatís no reason not to give her -- and T2 -- serious shit about it.

Iím still trying to come up with a more descriptive nom for T; so far "Petrus" is the best idea Iíve had, for his utter trustworthiness. Heís been considering buying a uni (unisuit -- sort of a tank top and shorts one-pieve combo, but less goofy looking than what wrestlers wear). For a guy who generally will not wear lycra, rarely wears tank tops, and almost never takes his shirt off in public except when required (say, for windsurfing) this is a big step, and he was somewhat taken aback when I pointed out that jockey shorts would show a very visible line in a uni. He is now reconsidering the options. I have a feeling that, in his usual suspenders-and-belt fashion, heíll decide to wear underwear and wear loose shorts over the uni when heís not actually rowing. At least that will hide the lines.

Iíve finally gotten some seriously study done, for a test to get a professional certification which Iím scheduled to take June 9. I would very much like to pass it first try, as I would probably have to travel to retake it.

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