May 15, 2001

the parameters of my life: diary, gym, rowing, work

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the parameters of my life: diary, gym, rowing, work

Mechaieh is definitely right about the Sarah-and-Regina dialog. Go read it. (If you’re a guy, it counts as a Continuing Male Education credit.) I wish there were a way to list non-Diaryland diaries in the favorites here; Tomato Nation looks pretty cool. If Evilena does move her stuff to her new server, I’ll definitely set up a pitas page so I can point to it.

No rowing today: weightlifting, legs. I didn’t do any lifting at all last week, but was squatting with 80 pounds today, so apparently that wasn’t a problem. I will report, though, that leftover strawberries, even if you have melted chocolate and leftover whipped cream to dip them into, should probably not be considered ‘dinner’. Especially if you’re working out the next morning.

In rowing news, I think that we, the more junior coaches are going to revolt against DI’s leadership. We knew he kept contradicting himself, but T spoke with his boss at the city yesterday, and it turns out pretty much everything else he’s been telling us is wrong, too. We’ll work directly with the city people wherever possible, and will probably come up with our own handout for beginners. T and I had worked a bit on this already, but DI’s been promising to do one for months. Of course, he’s been promising me a T-shirt to replace one I lent to someone who coxed for us in a race since November, so there you go.

I have a presentation to give at work today; it’s on QA stuff, so I do hope people actually show up. Munchies will be provided, a powerful inducement.

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