May 15, 2001

The best but shadows, the worst no worse

On collabs: Iíve decided not to "join" one after perusing and realizing how many projects and idea-sparks there are out there that require no membership. Itís not that I actually mind the committment; itís that I donít like the idea of being shackled to a collab some of whose topics may not spark me. That said, hereís an entry for Ampersandís current topic:

"The best in this kind are but shadows, and the worst/ are no worse, if imagination amend them." - A Midsummer Nightís Dream, William Shakespeare

Jung may have been right.

The things of old lore call out

to the deepest-buried shadows boiling

well behind our thoughts.

It is not clear; do they call out

a reaction or a selfís reflexion?

I have known Faerie feared and loved and both.

Spoken of in whispers as the Good Folk

and doors thereto sought in the hillsides

under moonlight.

And Voodoun as well:

another set of clothes for Christian saints?

or devils working evil on their dupes?

or Riders, neither good nor bad,

but caring nothing for humanity

save as a source of horses?

Puck and the phooka, manitou, mermaid,

And all the many guises of the Raven:

good or evil, mere blind power,

or just a desperate cry

that This Is Not All There Is?

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