May 17, 2001

every bodyís special

Gym this morning, arms. Typing isnít as difficult as I thought it would be, so I guess I could have lifted heavier weights. T and I were talking last night, and apparently I lift about half what he does, on almost every exercise. I can live with that. I was also realizing that on some exercises, Iíve doubled the weight I started out with. Not bad.

T and a lot of others keep telling me that when they work out they find they have more energy the rest of the day. Iím still waiting for that to happen. Possibly my body doesnít work that way.

Actually, one very interesting part of all this rowing and other exercising, and hanging out with others who do the same, has been finding out how differently everyoneís body seems to function. Some people prefer long steady-state pieces, in rowing; I find harder short ones much easier (and less boring). T seems to crave large amounts of protein in his diet; Iím sure that I could use more than I get, but my body seems very happy with a much higher level of carbohydrates (donít worry, a lot of those are complex carbs, in fruits or vegetables). Only very rarely do I get cravings for red meat. The other problem is that my innards are so finicky that I have to be very careful about what I eat the night before rowing. My guts donít like early mornings, anyhow, so nothing greasy or too heavy for me. T seemed to have no problem with the Cajun food we had last night but Iím glad I wasnít rowing this morning.

Mostly I go MWF and he goes TTF; weíd rather row on the same day, but more lightweight women tend to show on Mondays and Wednesdays, while his quad meets Tuesdays and Thursdays. Anyway, we each go to the gym on non-rowing days, and our gym is still in its pre-opening phase. Theyíre only got one erg (rowing machine), which we both use for warmup. When we joined in January, the gym was supposed to be fully open by April; now theyíre telling us the grand opening is July 14. Blah. Meanwhile, we have only some of the equipment crammed into about half of what will be the full area. The major advantage to this is that it was cheap to join, and we only have a month-to-month committment. I absolutely refuse to participate in the scams some gyms run, requiring you to pay for three years up front, and sign over your firstborn child and video rights to your soul.

I thought I didnít have much to say today. Iím afraid Iíve now gone and proved that, in a distressingly large number of words.

Posted by dichroic at May 17, 2001 08:31 AM
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