May 23, 2001

getting googly-eyed

I donít believe it -- I got Googled on lesbian pancakes. I believe it was the entry where I said that I donít tend to write about them, so somebodyís disappointed. Thatís ok; Iím sure they found Badsnake first and got their pancake jones satisfied.

But the even weirder hit was for "self + bondage". Whatís that about? (Aside from another disappointed reader, because I suspect Iíd written something like "Iím not into bondage, myself.") What would that look like? Do you tie yourself up and try to masturbate? Do you then taunt yourself because you canít reach the good spots? Do you flagellate yourself like a medieval monk? Do you talk dirty to yourself in the process? Imagine the dialogue: "Youíre my bitch, arenít you?" "Yes, Mistress." Very surreal, when thereís only one person in the room.)

And what do you do if youíve tied yourself up so thoroughly you canít get untied? Scream for help and deal with the embarassment? Hop down to the kitchen for a knife, dragging the headboard along? Nope, call me unimaginative, but I still canít figure this one out.

Posted by dichroic at May 23, 2001 02:31 PM
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