May 29, 2001

sheer ugliness

Urgghh. So far I am having a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad day. With any luck, the rest of it will be better.

One reason I try not to have to work on only 6 hoursí sleep these days is that I tend to do stupid things when Iím sleep-deprived. This morning I missed the exit for rowing practice. I probably should have taken the next exit but one, but instead I took the very next one, which has no u-turn lane, and had to backtrack through half of town. Then DI announced this is his last week coaching Masters. Obviously, Iím not convinced this is a great loss, but I get the distince feeling Iím the main reason for it, which is not fair to other people. We have a meeting with several rowers tonight, when we were planning to discuss DI-related issues; I may offer to drop out of the program if people want. Itís a matter of principle, not personalities, for me. No single rower matters to a program as a coach does, even a flawed coach.

Then I got to work and found that DI had forwarded his reply to my last email to quite a few people who are no doubt wondering what all of this is about. He included several past emails in this, but his latest reply is really to an attached file from mine, so they must be confused. He also mentioned my IBS (and attributed it to "uptightness"), which is the sort of thing a coach needs to know but that I donít particularly enjoy discussing with the rest of the world. Thereís no other word for all of this but "ugly".

And all of this is a great shame because we had a very good weekend in Naashville with Mechaieh and the BYM, and I expect to have a productive week at work. Iíll talk about all of that later when Iím in a proper mood for it.

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