May 30, 2001

attempted sleeping

This morning I slept late, if you can conceive of 6AM being defined as "late". At least I tried to sleep late. I had planned this deliberately, to allow me to have not one but two, count Ďem, two Kilt Lifter Scottish Ales at our favorite local brewpub last night at the Disgruntled Rowers Meeting (of which more anon) but I forgot to reckon with marauding alarm clocks. I should mention here that we keep two in the bedroom, each of which has a dual alarm, to allow either of us to set an alarm and be able to turn it off without having to fight through bedclothes to the other side of a king-sized mattress, and also because I tend to wake up in the middle of the night and like to see how much time I have left to sleep. Without my glasses, I canít see a clock on his side of the bed. In fact, my clock has lit-up numerals so large I can almost read by their light. Also, both of our watches have alarms, and we often use those as backup in case we forget to set the clocks.

First there was the 4:10 alarm plus matching watch alarm that T had set, since he is less self-indulgent than I and had planned to go to the gym as usual. (He goes earlier than I do because in addition to all the same lifts, he does 10000 meters on the erg. I think thatís just sick.) Then there was the 4:30 alarm T had me set after he decided to sleep in a little (I didnít count how many ales he had). Then there was the 5:30 alarm on Tís side -- I have no idea why he had that one set. Then there was, finally, the alarm at 6, when I had intended to wake up. However, it was preceded by other alarms, of the feline variety. ("Wake up! Time to feed us!") So much for sleeping in.

The Disgruntled Rowers Meeting isnít really a fair name; these were the people who are dedicated to rowing, and who are looking for real solutions to problems with coaches, vague objectives, and declining morale. Two of them were also among those DI had forwarded the nasty email to, yesterday, so a high point for me was finding out that they donít hate me. I think they thought he was being very juvenile, and itís true that his messages, included in that 5-page email, were much worse than mine. Anyway, we listed several ideas that we can bring to a bigger rowersí meeting on Thursday, so it was not only a chance to drink more beer with more kindred souls, but a productive meeting as well.

I have to run, but will write more later.

Posted by dichroic at May 30, 2001 08:31 AM
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