August 30, 2006


Today may be The Day, as Rudder was supposed to have gotten to review his contract. Am waiting for his call. Waiting......waiting....waiting....

Am not patient. In fact I went to the extent of calling him in his hotel room, which required calling my cell-phone service provider first to get the capability to make international calls. Reached him but he had just gotten back fromt he gym and was in the middle of dinner or something. He promised to call back, though. I don't mind waiting 20 minutes or an hour as long as I don't have to wait until tomorrow.


He called and the news is good! I may wait until tomorrow to talk to my boss; I've got some interesting ideas to propose *cough*layoff*cough* and it would help if I weren't grinning like a fool.

(I do apologize about all the vagueness. I should be able to post with detail and dates here within the next few days.)

OK. On other topics. And in pursuit of not grinning like a fool....

So I think last night I accidentally mastered dressing for the coffeeshop. My local knitting group meets there on Tuesdays, and last night was my third or fourth time. For work, I'd warn, starting from the bottom, my faaabulous black not-too-high-but-spike-heel pointy-toed D'orsay pumps, black tights, a Black Watch mini-kilt, a blue fitted Oxford, glasses instead of contacts and a haircomb with sparkly blue crystals. For the knit-in, I removed the tights and the shirt, subsitituting for the latter a black cami with "New Orleans Mardi Gras" on it in honor of the anniversary, and deciding to omit upper underpinnings because I get tired of the way bra straps always seem to be set wider than camisole-shirt straps. I don't go without often any more, but I still can without discomfort or being really, really obvious. (That is, you can tell, but you have to look carefully.) The reason I'm guessing this was the correct attire was that the (female) barista was suddenly much chattier than usual, even complimenting my shoes. (And no, I don't think she was hitting on me.)

Will have to experiment and see. In the next month because I'll be gone after that!

Posted by dichroic at August 30, 2006 01:40 PM

You have two choices. (1) Put lingerie holders in your cami straps. (2) Try running upstairs. If it doesn't hurt, you can go bra-less.

Posted by: l'empress at August 30, 2006 03:31 PM

EEEEEK! That quick? Wow. Congrats and all, but I'm going to miss you like mad. I know you'll be just as close electronically, it's the idea of you being far that bothers. Goofy, huh? ~LA

Posted by: LA at August 30, 2006 03:58 PM

Weeeeee!!!!! Can't wait to get you on my side of the pond! :-D

Posted by: Maria at August 31, 2006 12:01 AM

Woot! Can't wait for the details!

Posted by: Bozoette Mary at August 31, 2006 02:22 PM
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