going for a record

Well, so. I decided that doing the marathon, or even half, on Rosh Hashana just didn’t feel right. Being Jewish is part of who I am; rowing marathons is not (not the way it is part of who Rudder is). For the last two years, I’d made a conscious decision to row in the Marathon Rowing Chamionships in Natchitoches, Louisiana. It’s a fun regatta and a scenic venue and traveling with the Old Salt and the others who go is always a hoot. And once committed to that rce, doing a marathon on the erg as part of the training makes total sense. Since this year I won’t be around for that race I’d have had to do it for its own sake, and despite evidence to the contrary (like over half a million meters rowed on the erg, not including actual rowing, just so far this year) I’m not really a distance person. Also, I’m not fond of crowds and loudness as a general thing, and I’m embarassingly slow, so doing that marathon as part of a group is not the motivating thing for me that it seems to be for everyone else. If I’m going to do something insane, I’d sooner do it in comfort at home.

I know skipping the marathon was the right decision for me because I didn’t regret it for one second during the time I stayed home. I did go to help transport borrowed ergs back to the boatyard afterward, though, because they needed me and my truck. Rudder’s truck already had an erg, speakers and a bunch of other stuff in it.)

On the other hand, I’ve done enough training that I needed to do something to test it, so today I went for a PR in the half-marathon. I beat my best time from last year by over 30 sec. (Unfortunately it turns out I had a time another 15 seconds faster from the year before – but I didn’t know about that one ntil just a minute ago, I wasn’t shooting to beat it, and I stopped once to change my seat pad to a folded towel because my butt was killng me. So it’s still a moral victory.)

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