memoriam for a stranger

I’m feeling very saddened today by the news of John M. Ford’s death. Admittedly, that’s a bit silly, as I’ve never met him and have only read his poems. But it’s always sad when talent dies, and those are some phenomenal poems. People who knew him well are posting memories, and so I’m sad for those who have lost a friend, and sad for myself that I never got to meet such a man. Of course, the blessed thing about authors is that you can meet them anytime, as long as they are in print or in used-book stores, but it’s still not the whole of the thing. Mostly, I knew him as Elise Mattheson’s beloved Mr. Ford and so I am very sad for Elise.  When you love, you can do one of two things: you can choose to be oblivious and then be blindsided when grief hits, or you can accept that the more that you love, the more there’s for losing and yet choose to love anyway, Given my belief in the examined life, I would always choose the second, and from the Declaration and the poem Elise posted, it’s clear that’s what she and Mike Ford did, with eyes and heart wide open and with a conviction that love doesn’t die when the soul outwears the breast.

If we hadn’t gotten married several years before their ceremony, I’d have loved to borrow that Declaration. Rudder and I are not as articulate as Mike Ford, but his words are beautifully fitting. They’re also reminicent of the other poem I wish I’d known in time, Frost’s Master Speed: “No speed of wind or water rushing by / But you have speed far greater. You can climb / Back up a stream of radiance to the sky, /And back through history up the steam of time. ”

It’s mundane detail, but it’s also not inappropriate to talk about preparing for adventure with my own beloved after that. A lot of the details are ironing out: The marriage license has finally arrived, so now we just need the apostille on that. Rudder has been pushing a small tornado through the house, to judge by the effects, but each room is far emptier once he’s done with it. I’ve sorted through my T-shirts, and now have to choose what from my closet or other drawers I can leave in storage or give away. We’re using the move as justification to buy a second erg and to upgrade Rudder’s old computer. (I’m not sure where the logic is in that, but it works for us.) We’ve turfed out an enormous amount of stuff, and bought a few things to make the house look better for prospective buyers. Each one thing we do points to two more tasks, and I’m stunned at how much there is to do, but I know somehow it will all be done in time.

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