morning surprise

This morning I was drying off after a shower when the doorbell rang. I debated not answering, but couldn’t figure any reason someone might be ringing it that wasn’t important, and it’s a fairly safe neighborhood. Thank goodness for big fluffy robes. The landscaper guy Rudder had booked for tomorrow and his team apparently decided to come a day early, for reasons that weren’t clear. We’re paying them an amount of money that’s a bit staggering – more than the carpet guys – but they’re doing quite a bit for that. I’m curious to see what it all looks like when I get home.

In the continued purge, I may see if I have yarn I’m sure I won’t use, in which case I’ll go to knitting either tonight of next week and press it on to random people there. Only problem with that of course is that  “yarn I’m sure I won’t use” may be an oxymoron. But it’s currently overflowing the container it’s in, and I definitely don’t want to take more than one container. (Also, Rudder mentioned having spotted a yarn store in Eindhoven. Nice that he’s looking out for me.)

I’m also having trouble deciding what books to take. It looks like we’ll be taking one tall and two short bookcases.  I’ve already begun pulling the “can’t live without” books from some of the bookcases, but it looks like those won’t come close to filling the ones we’re taking. I want to leave some room for future purchases, of course, but since we’re not weight-limited I can be a bit more generous in deciding what to take. The problem is, it’s easy to decide what books I cannot live without, and it’s easy to decide what books I don’t mind not having for a few years, but there are a lot in the middle ground – the nice-to-haves – and it will be difficult to decide on those. I do know our apartment will feel more homey to me with more books in it. However, I haven’t sorted through the paperbacks yet – the need-to-haves may end up filling more space than I think.

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