thistles and weeds, thorns and ants

People keep asking if I’m excited about the move. I’m not entirely sure why, or if they think I’m likely to say no. Or maybe, since we’re moving with Rudder’s company they think he or the company have pushed me into it. It’s actually been the complete opposite, with me being the one who’s pushed to escape AZ and both of us thinking that living abroad will be an adventure.

Still…. it’s as if I were planning to BASE jump off a cliff. Of course I’m excited or I just wouldn’t do it. Only between me and the cliff is a field full of weeds and thistles, not to mention ant mounds and cicadas. I’m excited about jumping off the cliff, but first I have to trim and mow that field, avoiding the cicadas and trying not to get bit by the ants. Plus some of the weeds have unexpected thorns. And I have to get the lawmower warranty notarized.

There’s definitely excitement on the horizon. I’m just not quite there yet.


(Though I’m beginning to think a wanna-be-expat’s best friend is FedEx.)

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  1. Yes, that mowing is definitely not exciting — at least not pleasantly exciting! Watch out for the bugs and hidden roots.

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