scheduling and fusses

I have one week and one day of work left here, two weeks and a day until I leave.

Plans of one sort: today Rudder met with the movers, to talk about what’s going when. Tonight we’ll go buy a weight set and drop off the mountain of clothing we’re giving away. The landscapers came Tuesday, the carpeters come day after tomorrow, our birth certificates and marriage license are duly legalized, the phone and internet are set to be turned off, we’ve given notice at the gymand I’ve given my boss my formal letter of resignation. I’ve even finished nearly all the work I have to wrap up before leaving (which will make for a long and boring next week). My ticket to fly over has been booked and will be issued tomorrow, and the cat is booked as well. (Because if you’re traveling with a (mostly) black cat, might as well fly on Friday the 13th!) Offers have been made on both my vehicles, and Rudder will sell his truck to a local used-car place. I just need to clear up some tiny details between the local and long distance phone companies, and there are lots of piles of assorted stuff around the house, but in general I think we’re in fairly good shape.

Plans of another sort: tomorrow I have a lunch with three former coworkers, who invited me along because one of them can’t make the big lunch with other former coworkers next week.  Tomorrow night is the big going-away party at a local bar, to which we invited people from all areas of our lives. Monday the lake coordinator, who can’t make tomorrow night, is taking us out to eat, and Wednesday one of the directors here is taking me out to lunch. (This is not my current director, who said something friendly like, “When’s your last day? Oh I won’t be here for that. Don’t let me forget to say goodbye before you go.”) I’m hoping the Cubemate can come along for that one, too. Friday is the aforementioned lunch with people from my old department.  It’s probably disgustingly attention-seeking, but I confess I like having people make a fuss of me. (Anyway, it’s not entirely self-serving; I assume most people like it, if it’s not done too embarassingly, which drives me to make sure other people get fusses made of them at appropriate times too.)

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  1. LA says:

    YAY PARTIES! Always a good thing. Sounds like you’re zipping along with getting out of here. Well done. ~LA

  2. I know I like to be fussed over! You’re really getting things done — nothing like a deadline for inspiration!

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