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moving tasks and moving memories

We met with the realtor today, a.k.a our friend She-Hulk. It’s very convenient to have a very good friend who’s also a very good realtor; not only can we trust her to do her best for us in sellin our … Continue reading

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on forgiveness and neoteny

It’s that time of year again, when the Jewish Holidays push me into thinking about things. That’s one thing I like a lot about them. There’s a theory that humans are neotenous – like dogs, who retain into adulthood many … Continue reading

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so much!

Rudder’s coming home tonight, hooray, hooray, Rudder’s coming home tonight, hooray, hooray, Rudder’s coming home tonight, everything will be all right, There’ll be a Rudder in my house today. Ahem. Sorry. It’s been a long month. Last night I couldn’t … Continue reading

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and yet more moving tasks…

Hey,my husband’s been away for a month. I have to talk to someone. I’m feeling a bit better about my vehicles. My neighbor had hasked us to tell him if we ever wanted to sell the pickup, so I did. … Continue reading

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Look what I did!

… all by myself! The yellow Formica table only came from the kitchen (I think it was originally Rudder’s parents’ or grandparents’) but that double pedestal desk (mine from college) was all the way upstairs in the erg room, behind … Continue reading

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moving stuff and marathons

Yesterday, I sat with Cubemate while she erged a marathon (in a very respectable time). She can’t make it to Saturday’s ergathon, so she decided to do it a week early. It’s a good idea to have someone there for a feat … Continue reading

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supprting Geneva

I’ve sent letters to both my my Senators today about the whole Geneva Conventions issue. I forgot to copy the one to McCain; it was basically applause, though I also tried to make the point that avoiding torture is not … Continue reading

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done at last!

Yay! I have just this minute finished a project which has taken me almost exactly three years. That’s when I began cataloging my books in Readerware. (I do know about Librarything – I haven’t tried it because I was more … Continue reading

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comments on a quiet evening

Stacy and Clinton: I don’t care how many times you call them “chicken cutlets”, they’re still FALSIES. They do not count as enhancing what you have. I could have sworn I had a copy of The Princess Bride around here … Continue reading

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Dutch? not much

I’ve started yet another new blog, this one for Rudder and me to document our move and our life abroad. It will  be the one we tell all of our friends and family, so may be a bit sanitized. (Not that this … Continue reading

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