Note to Tempe rowers: the rowing club here has a boathouse. With showers.

I’m having one small unexpected problem. What with all the walking and cycling, and the different food, and the fact that I’m busy and interested enough that I’m snacking less, I think I’ve lost weight. Couple that with the fact that most of my pants are cut to sit below the waist, and that when I went through my wardrobe before packing I gave or threw away anything too tight, and I’ve got a bit of a saggy-pants issue. Yeserday Rudder and I had a meeting with HR, and before that I had a short one with my prospective boss, and since I didn’t think anyone really wanted to see three inches of stomach or watch me constantly hoisting up my waistband, I had to borrow one of Rudder’s belts. (With the lower-waisted pants, they fit.) Of course all of mine are still being shipped, so one of my errands today is to buy one for myself.