I can’t believe how badly I packed for this trip. The problem, I think, is that I’d expected to have all my air-freighted stuff within a couple of days, and by the time I found out it could take much longer, I was in the final throes of moving and didn’t re-evaluate. Our stuff is supposed to land in country on 22 October, so if I’m lucky and customs doesn’t hang on to it long I’ll have at least a few work outfits to start work with.

At the moment, the item I’m regretting most is my Diva cup. I hadn’t realized just how much I’d come to like it until I had to go back to tampons.

My boss has emailed to ask if I want to start work earlier than planned, on the theory that I must be all settled in and have nothing much to do. I’d say this betrays a serious lack of imagination on his part, given that I’ve got a whole new country to explore, with a new language and culture to learn. I let him down as gently as I could.

I’m instructed to mention how well Rudder did in choosing this apartment, but I didn’t actually need instructing. The bathroom is nice enough to require its own entry here, but the absolute best feature is the location. The nearest US equivalent I can think of is that it’s like being right on Harvard Square in Cambridge, if that had the Chandler Fashion Center (my local mall in our last house, and quite a nice one) attached.  People watching, shopping both useful and frivolous, restaurants and bars, with the official city buildings right by it. There’s a library I haven’t yet been to a few blocks away, and I’m hoping to check out the rumor of a local yarn store today. I’ll also be rowing for my first time here, in a double with someone I strongly suspect is a good bit faster than me, from the boathouse ten minutes’ bike ride away. Rudder says it’s as fast to bike as to drive to work, but I haven’t tested that one yet – not sure how eager I’ll be to do so when winter weather hits.

Speaking of weather, apparently it’s been exceptional. We’ve had several days with some actual sunshine, though the last couple have been cloudier. I’ve only seen a little sprinkle of rain so far (knock wood). Jackets are required in the morning, but by afternoon it’s been warm enough to go without – unusually warm, for late October. We’re hoping this lasts at least through Rudder’s regatta on Saturday, but I’m sure it won’t be long until we get a real taste of Dutch weather.