Don’t worry if I’m not updating here as regularly for a while – it’s difficult when I have limited net time, and also when I’m trying to keep the other blog updated for the families. I don’t want to post the same things in both places.

I feel like I’m picking up the language at a reasonable speed; both Rudder and I are beginning to be able to recognize more words, though more often in print thatn in spoken Dutch. On Friday I founda kids’ book store and picked up the first Harry Potter book in Dutch and Roald Dahl’s Matilda in both Dutch and English copies, on the advice of the shopkeepers who pointed out that Dahl’s language is much simpler than Rowling’s. It’s true enough; in the HP I can open it and tell what part of the story I’m in but I need to compare it sentence by sentence to get details. When I was little I could read books and happily skip or guess words I didn’t know, but that’s much harder when the words I don’t know are most of them. I think the Matilda is actually a better translation because it’s less word-for-word, but on the other hand it’s probably better that the HP is quite literal since the lanaguage is much more complex. Only problem is I really hate the name changes: Dumbledore has become Albus Perkamentus, McGonagall is Alberling, and Hogwarts is Zweinsten. The Dursleys are the Duffelings, which isn’t bad, and I don’t mind Ron Wemer or Hermelien Griffel too much.