One thing I can’t tell is whether styles are much different here. Arizona is so much warmer that people aren’t wearing the same things just for practical reasons, and I haven’t been to any cooler US climates since summer ended. I’ve seen what the fashion magazines are showing, but of course that doesn’t necessarily bear any resemblance to what real people wear. I should note that so far, I’ve seen only Eindhoven, which is the home of several big technical companies and a tech university.  Amsterdam may be more fashionable.

The Dutch mostly tend toward dark or subdued colors – more like the US East Coast rather than TX or CA. Tops here are generally fitted. This includes jackets except for some puffy lightweight down ones. Jackets are mostly only down to the top of the hips. (This is unfortunate because the fleece jacket and the windbreaker I have are longer and less fitted, as they come from those bastions of style LL Bean and REI, but I suspect other people will be wearing bulkier jackets as it gets colder. Also, I never was a fashion plate.)  The US fashion magazines were showing skinny jeans and high boots. The high boots are all over here both in stores (winkels) and on people, but not the skinny jeans so much. I think people are making due without buying new pants (clothing is more expensive here), by generally wearing the high boots with cropped or Capri-length pants, with tights to bridge the gap if the pants end above the boots.  Sometimes they wear them with skirts or with dresses over leggings.  The boots in local stores cost from €69 at the very lowest to about €209 in the high end stores – multiply by 1.25-1.l3 to convert to dollars.)  I’ve been wanting some, but figured I’d have more selection over here than if I’d bought them before moving.

There does not seem to be as much size inflation as in the US. Yesterday I ventured into H&M (which is in some places in the US but not in Arizona) and found that, while the size 4 pants I brought are loose enough that I’ve had to buy a couple of belts, the H&M pants/trousers/broeken (see? Cognate to breeches) marked US 4/Euro 34 were definitely too tight. So if those sizes are consistent with other places, here I’d wear a 6 or 8.  Interestingly, they were low enough in the waist, though way too long in the leg. That’s nice, because if I do have to buy some I can get them hemmed easily enough or even do it myself. I also bought a blouse for €25, because I loved it, some leggings for rowing, and a skirt, because it was only €13. Unfortunately the skirt doesn’t really go well with the blouse, but they can be worn together in a pinch, and it does go with all the plain jersey T-shirts and the few sweaters I have here. In theory our air-freighted bags arrived here yesterday, so if customs doesn’t hold them up I’ll be ready for work Wednesday. If they do, well, I may be doing more shopping and some hemming. Fortunately it’s a technical company and not all that dressy, though I would like to dress up a bit the first day or so. In general, though, people I’ve seen (in the government offices we dealt with, for example) don’t seem to dress very formally for work, which will be nice for while I have limited clothing.