I seem to be in acquisitive mode, like a squirrel hoarding nuts for the winter. I can find good reasons for all of it, of course. My purchases are split between things to make the apartment more comfortable and clothing/accessories to help me fit in both in terms of local fashions and of dressing for the weather. Recent additions to the former nut-hoard include speakers to plug the iPod into so we can have music, a scale that measures body fat (I may have packed our old one but it’s been getting more and more erratic and anyway it doesn’t have an “athlete” setting) and a lamp so we can actually sit on the sofa and read instead of having to stay at the table to get enough light. The more personal side of the hoard includes two pair of tall boots (black, dressy, expensive; brown, more casual, half the price) and a handbag (brown, leather, bigger than the current one, lots of pockets). I keep thinking I’m done with acquiring, then realizing there’s just a few things more I need. Currently those include a cell phone (now I have a bank account) and some trousers, for work – I’m thinking brown, cropped, and tweedy (this last gets a lot more crucial if our stuff doesn’t get here very soon).

Given that I don’t get paid until the end of November, it’s probably a very good thing I start work soon and won’t be wandering around town every day!