(I think at least part of the Netherlands was once in Gallia, so being divisa in partes is regionally appropriate.)

first, from last night:

Well, that was a frustrating and extremely expensive series of phone calls.

1) My doctor’s office, which has sent me a bill for the portion of services not covered by insurance – except I think they should have been covered. When I explained to the billing person that I am on another continent, she kindly offered to check out what’s going on with the insurance company for me, except now I still have to call her back in a few days for the news.

2) Assorted Libyan embassies and consulates for visa information. Not that I have any great desire to visit Libya even if Qaddafi has convinced the US he’s reformed, but we’re taking a cruise in the Mediterranean (for which the Dutch is a literal translation of the Latin: Middle-Lands-Sea) and in addition to stops in Greece and Rome there’s one in Tripoli. (Somehow, ‘Tripoli’ and ‘Libya’ fit into different buckets in my brain. Te latter sounds like a dangerous place I’d have no desire to visit, but the former reeks of Babary pilots in the great days of sail and I wouldn’t mind getting off the boat, if it turns out to be possible. ) Damned if I can figure out how anyone gets off the boat, because I can’t find any coherent info on how to get a via but it appears to be just as bad for Europeans.

3) My former car lease company, who is apparently still looking for creative ways to hose up my car deal. Even though they received the money to pay off the lease, they haven’t released the title to the new owners. Why? Because they haven’t received a signed odometer statement. Signed by me, that is, and note that the car’s odometer and I are currently separated by several thousand miles. Why do they care what the odometer says if the car has been paid for? No idea, but it’s a policy. Apparently they sent me a letter to this effect, some five days after I left for Europe, which is roughly a couple of weeks after they received payment on the car. No rush, apparently. I did have to send a signed odo statement to the buyer’s financing bank, so hopefully someone there will be able to fax it on. I will probably not ever lease a car again, but if for some reason I do, I will do all in my power not to lease with Bank of the West.

then later last night I remembered to take photos of the apartment:


And finally, for lo, I am a mighty hunter/gatherer.

Broom: found. Blankie: found. Shopping cart on wheels, even found. Phone acquired (e-mail me if you need the number). A few new wearables so I can make myself believe I fit in with Europpean style. (Including a scarf, of course.) Our air-freighted items are finally !!!! here, and even put away, so I will have actual work clothing to wear to my first day of actual work (eep) tomorrow. And here’s a few purchases: the boots and the purse, plus the sock I’ve recently finished. (I’ve about got the toes covered, on the second one.)