Yeah, I’m pretty happy about the election results. I wouldn’t say I’m thrilled to pieces though. Thrilled to pieces will happen if the Democrats (or moderate Republicans) retain power in 2008, because that will mean they took this chance and didn’t screw it up. It will mean they realize that they were swept to power less on a wave of passionate love and more on a bed of, “Oh, God, anything’s got to be better than this”. More important it will mean they realize that people are tired of lies, callousness, cruelty, corruption, cronyism, poor planning, and non-reality-based programs, and have actually managed to avoid all those pitfalls. If they can do that or even most of it, they’ve got my vote in 2008.

It could happen. It’s a relief to see hope on the horizon, anyway.

I’m amused to notice that Bush’s people have managed to fix his original news releases. Now the articles online talk about him inviting Pelosi and her second-in-command to lunch and pledging to work with them. For those of you not tuned into the news in the middle of the US night, earlier articles featured instead his call for newly empowered Democrats to work with him. It strikes me as a pretty crucial difference. However, despite the change, I’m sure he will still refer to any refusal to do things his way as “obstructionism” or possibly “not being bipartisan”. Some people’s learning curves don’t rise much above flat.

In my state’s results, my least favorite senator (the one who doesn’t even pretend to disagree with the White House) won re-election, but I’m not surprised. I’d have voted for his opponent, Jim Pederson just for not being John Kyl, but even before I left Pederson’s negative ads were beginning to tick me off. I’m sure the vitriol has only gotten more corrosive in the approach to the election, and if I’d been wavering they might well have changed my mind. It’s not a knee-jerk party vote; Arizonans proved their ability to vote for people rather than party by sweeping Governor Napolitano back in for a second term.

As for the state initiatives, I’m happier than I thought I’d be. I think the votes against basic literacy training for illegal immigrants and for English as the official language will hurt more than they’ll help in the long view, but other than that… my about-to-be-former state denied the tobacco company’s supposed smoking ban and passed the real one, denied the amendment banning gay marriage, denied the lottery to bribe voters (undignified, that one), and raised the minimum wage. We may retire in Arizona someday. If this is a guideline, I don’t think it will be a bad place to live in by then.