I’m beginning to think that one of the biggest problems in my life is Rudder, which is unfortunate as he’s also one of the better things in it. Getting rid of him is clearly a Bad Idea, and I think the problem is too intrinsic to be fixable. You know how I always complained about not enough free time? Tha problem has followed me here in Rudder-shaped form. People in the Netherlands just generally do not work overtime, so I figured we’d have more time available. Only problem is it turns out that the one person who does work long hours is the one I brought with me. Yesterday we left work at 19:00. (To be fair, we had an appointment with our relocation consultant to set up some banking stuff, so we actually didn’t get to work until 10:30. But I have a feeling we’d have left that late anyway. He says his group is just swamped in this stage of getting their new demo lab set up, and that it’s temporary. We’ll see.

Normally we work from 8 or earlier until 18:00 or later, and since we carpool my schedule is determined by his. I think my boss, with whom I share an office, is just baffled by my long hours. Then we leave and Rudder would like to go erg at the boathouse. I think he’d prefer an hour or so several times a week, but we’ve been putting in a bit less time, by my preference (the fact that this happens is one reason I keep him), and haven’t managed more than once during the work week so far. He claims he doesn’t feel good with so few vigorous workouts – is putting up with them now in the off season but plans to do the Holiday Challenge even if our own ergs are not delivered in time. (That’s 200,000 meters on the erg from Thanksgiving to Christmas, for those of you who haven’t followed along in previous years. And bear in mind we leave 16 December for our cruise, so that’s a hell of a lot of distance in not much time unless there’s an erg on the ship. On the other hand, my body is thriving with lots of walking in daily life instead of vigorous rowing workouts then sitting still all day. Our lives would definitely be simpler if our bodies reacted in the same way to the same foods, workouts or even times of day!

Anyway, if we leave at 18:00, we drive to the boathouse, erg, drive home, shower, go out to eat or make dinner, and by then it’s bedtime. So much for spare time. Even if we don’t erg, dinner takes up mch of the time post work. Once our own ergs arrive, things will be a bit better – we can erg in the morning before work and the later start times mean we probably won’t even have to get up at 5.

Today in a mve toward both the Dutchification of Dichroic and independence, I took the bus home, which explains why I’m typing this now. It took longer than driving, but it’s now 18:45 and Rudder’s still not here. Don’t know if he’s left work and is on the way or if his meeting lasted longer than expected. There may be erging. There may be tacos for dinner too.

(Or I could think back to reading Drawn to the Rhythm and just be glad I can look forward to instead of dreading his coming home, I suppose.