On our way out to pick up some food this evening, we observed three items presumably of holiday decoration. In order of progressive bizarreness:

1) Some men were putting lights in, to shine up from the grates in the ground. Plain white lights. Why?

2) On the local big old church (every town here has a big old church except when it’s a cathedral or a basilica) they were projecting an image of … marble? texture? Any way, it may the whole thing look as it were rotting away. And every so often a recording would play of a lion’s roar. Again, why?

3) There are wires strung across the pathway in the Centrum, each supporting a can light that projects a circle full of rows of words down onto the ground. The words say things like


(in English, mind you) or other encomiums: EXCELLENT, GREAT, and so on. Except we spotted one with a line that read:

and another that said

I think maybe someone snuck in and hacked the town Christmas decor.