Fuck it. I’m taking a day off erging. Rudder’s got a work-drinks thing, so I took the bus home. Got here at 6:30, did some online banking (found my credit card balance was much higher than I’d thought, dammit, and I didn’t get paid today as I should have DAMMIT!) and now it’s 6:45. And cold, and dark. If I change and bike to the boathouse and erg, I’ll be coming home to dinner about 8:15 or so. Which sounds way too late but is no worse than what we’ve been doing. On the other hand, if I don’t then I can be all rested to erg in my very own home when they get here tomorrow. Yeah, easy choice. I’m way ahead of schedule to complete 100K before leaving for our ruise, but a bit behind to do 200K. Oh, well.

I don’t think the pay issue is serious. The salary people mentioned to Rudder that he was too late to make the November payroll so would be paid separately and it might be a day or two late. They did NOT bother to tell me the same, but presumably it also applies to me. It better. My last check from Honeywell was mid-October, and I really wouldn’t want to go 2.5 months between pay.