Yay! I got my first paycheck! I’ve transferred jobs enough to know that something usually goes wrong with the paperwork somewhere, and it’s usually resolved soonest if you track down the problem and bulldog the solution yourself, so this wasn’t anything unexpected (though in general it’s nice if whatever goes wrong doesn’t affect your actual pay).

Now I just have to worry about my husband trying to take it all from me. No, he doesn’t want to drink it up; he just wants to put away a bit here for household expenses, a bit there for travel expenses, and some here for savings. I confess my first reaction to this is a very adult “No! Mine, all mine!” Also, I have a feeling that if he had his way entirely we’d live a very spartan life, punctuated by huge luxurious blow-out trips (like the one to Antarctica, f’rinstance). The trips are nice, and there’s no doubt that his methods fund them effectively, but I’d rather live a bit better between times, and to me that means spending money.

I don’t think he really understands why I want to spend so much more than he does in daily life. Some of it is things I need that he doesn’t, like contact lenses, and he gets that. Some of it is just different attitudes toward what constitutes “shabby enough to throw away”. Some of it is different attitudes toward required quantities and replacement – he doesn’t get why cosmetics and lingerie cost so much or need to be replaced before they’re totally gone or falling apart. And then there’s the admittedly totally unnecessary spending, born of the plain fact that I enjoy shopping and I like having new books, clothes, make-up, shoes, or yarn. He’s right of course that we need to funnel set amounts of money toward food and to plan for all this travel, and that I need to put large chunks of money into retirement savings while I’m without a 401(k) just now, and we’ll eventually agree on the right amounts. Just so long as I still have money to buy books.