sour gripes

I have Minor Annoyances going on. First, now that we’ve unpacked or at least stirred through most of our boxes, it appears that my formal velvet dress and three sweaters did not make it to Europe. I’d complain to the moving company but as those things were stored in a separate closet whose contents mostly went to storage it’s entirely possible I forgot to put them with the things to be shipped, in which case it’s my own damned fault. I wouldn’t be so annoyed but those were all favorite things I hardly ever got to wear in AZ, and now I’d finally have the cruise (dress) and proper weather (sweaters) to wear them. I’ll have to go buy a formal dress this weekend, since the cruise we’re taking has two formal dinners and I got nothin’. Which brings me to Annoyance #2: I will need to buy the dress and shop for a bunch of non-holiday-related things, in a weekend which already features a short row Saturday morning, a regatta that will eat up Sunday afternoon, and the normal food-shopping. Not only does this mean I need to brave the holiday shopping crowds, it makes it very unlikely I’ll finish the knitting project I was hoping to complete and send in time for Christmas. That’s doubly annoying because I have less than 3″ left, but if I don’t send it this weekend, I probably won’t be able to send it at all in 2006. An Unnamed Relative may be receiving an extra present a bit late; at least their regular present is already taken care of.

It occurs to me that while this particular project means all the closest relatives have now had something knitted by me for them (ever, not this year), there are still grandparents-in-law I can make things for. I notice that even the ones in a warmer climate tend to wear long trousers and long sleeves, as their circulation has declined – I bet they would like socks in sport-weight yarn (slightly heavier than sock weight) which of course would be a lot faster for me to knit. I think I even have some, and it may even be machine washable.

The proper way to look at all this, of course, is that I get to shop for a new dress, and I get to race this weekend, I’m not short of sweaters (though few of a heavier weight – but again, they sell them here) and no one ever turned down an extra pair of hand-knit socks no matter when they arrive. Also, I get to go on a Mediterranean cruise, with stops in Rome and Greece and Egypt. I should probably not be allowed to complain about anything.

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