The Forever Socks are done! I started this pair somewhere in September or October, before I left Phoenix – I know I took them to a local Stitch’n’Bitch a time or two. What with travel on weekends and erging and long hours during the week I just haven’t had that much time to work on them. They’re not technically done done. I still have to work in the ends – but only two per sock – and I’m still debating whether to overdye them, because the white, gray and black color scheme is a bit vivid. I’ve even made a little test swatch for that. I have a dark gray dye, and what I’d like is to have the stripes still show but in a variegated gray. I’m not quite sure how to do this, however, because I have only one box of dye, I don’t really want to risk ruining nay of the pots that came with the apartment and I don’t think I can assess the results until the swatch dries. (I don’t have a blowdryer.) So I may just not bother, on the theory that after all, how gaudy can anything be that has no actual colors in it?

Now on the needles is a charcoal-colored scarf. Rudder needs it because it’s so much colder here. (Well, actually he doesn’t, because I bought him a fleece one for Christmas. But he doesn’t know that, and now he’ll have a more sedate backup in case the crimson one I bought is too bright for him.) This is from Knitpicks’ Wool of the Andes. I hadn’t tried any of their yarns before. This one is fairly pleasant to knit with and is reasonably soft, though I’m a bit worried about whether it’s un-scratchy enough for a scarf. Still, after the Forever Socks, it’s pleasant to be working on something that knits up so quickly. I need quickly – plans for tonight include taking the bus home (Rudder has another work thing), food shopping on the way home, erging, and starting to pack, so it’s not like I have a lot of spare time to knit. At least, I can knit on the bus, but not while walking home (I can knit while walking, but don’t want my yarn rained on, plus I think people would be giving me a wiiiiide berth and shooting crazy-lady looks my way) and it’s very difficult to manage knitting needles while on a rowing machine.