Bleah. For some reason I’m feeling dizzy again, which is a bit worrying for someone who’s getting on a ship in four days. I tried a home-grown version of the Epley maneuver, and it seems to have helped a bit. The only problem is that now I’m getting hungry, because I couldn’t eat much at lunch (not queasy, just disinclined for food – another thing that would be problematic on a cruise ship). It’s possible that not getting enough sleep last night is also a contributing factor – Rudder’s lab had their first demo, and then there was a reception and dinner, so he didn’t get home until 11:30. I had to be in work a little early this morning, so we couldn’t sleep in to compensate.

It’s a little annoying when I can’t ride with him, since the bus takes a bit longer and I had to walk home in the rain, but at least it’s a relatively direct route with only a ten-minute walk. I did a little food shopping on the way home, then erged and ate and put away a few more things. There’s stil some more organization to do, but I think we’re down to no more boxes to take down to storage. In other countdowns, I have less than 10K to complete the 100km version of the Holiday Challenge, and at least 42″ to knit on my scarf. With four at-sea days on the cruise and all the time in transit, maybe I can have it done or mostly done by New Year’s Eve. I am taking other projects along for variety, but this is definitely the mindless travel-knit.

Someone told me a new thing today that might be useful to other people. In the US, it’s a standard professional thing to capitalize letters in sentence fragments in presentations or charts. Apparently this is not done elsewhere, which is a subtle cultural difference I hadn’t known. The practical ramificaiton is that if you are, as I am, working on a document you want people from Europe or Asia to adopt as their own, you may want to go lightly on the Shift key so that your document isn’t obviously of US origin.

Bringing you tips from around the world, all part of the service.

PS – It turns out the boy has another late meeting, so it’s the bus for me again. Bleah again.