Huh. These pants are too long and not tight in the waist – and I’ve had them for years and that hasn’t been true for at least the last couple of years. I guess that’s good. Trousers are better monitors of fitness than scales, anyway.

The ongoing issue with Rudder getting out of work lately has been a problem since we started the Holiday Challenge, because getting home later doesn’t go well with spending an hour on the erg and then still having to find dinner. But it’s getting worse as the cruise approaches, because we have so much to do after work. Last night we just barely managed to get home before 7, when our prospective cat-sitters were due. We were there in time, but I’d been hoping to do a bit of straightening up first. Now the issue is that we MUST get to the bank before 5 PM either today or tomorrow, to pick up my bank card, and it’s a different branch than the one we know. This involves leaving around 4, to be sure. It’s now five after.

Oh, well, if we don’t get my card in time, maybe I’ll just sponge off Rudder for the whole trip. I don’t think he’d enjoy the Milan phase.