In the Netherlands, today is Oudejaarsdag – Old Year’s Day, as opposed to Niewjaarsdag. I was really hoping to spend it doing something other than washing the sheets, the two waterbed liners and the comforter to get the cat piss out of them. I suppose I can’t blame him for not liking to be left all alone for 14 days, but we did find his own little harem to care for him, and they appear to have done an excellent job. At least the washing machine was able to handle all but the insulated liner – washing that one in the bathtub provided me a thorough workout. Adding to that were not one but two trips to the train station: the first time at 11AM I bought some food, but the Albert Hein market there only sells food, and the Etos which sells everything else didn’t open until noon. Since it’s Sunday, I’m just glad it did open at all, and that Rudder was willing to both walk back to the station with me and to tackle some of the bedding-cleaning duties. Things have been a bit rocky with us because his work and erging schedules made the month before our trip so miserable, and because my misery seemed to count for so little in his work and erging scheduling, but I think they’re getting back to normal. More or less.

Meanwhile, I need to go tackle my other chores for today – banking ones, mostly. At least internet banking doesn’t close down on Sundays and holidays. And maybe then I’ll go try to figure out how to wrap his presents – they’re things like a down jacket liner and some sweaters, so they don’t wrap easily, and the Dutch don’t seem to be in to gift bags.