The year in review, short version: We moved. We traveled. We expect to keep doing so for the foreseable future

I think I’m just as glad to be staying home tonight: there are a *lot* of fireworks going off in the streets nearby, and have been all day. Some big ones, from the sound of it.

Bu before this year ends, I want to wish you readers all love and adventure and accomplishment in the coming year, with lots of things to take comfort in and also lots of new things to make you think. I want to wish us as a species peace and tolerance, and maybe a little better idea of how to deal with ourselves and each other. For my country, I wish change for us, and an ability to direct that change and to plan for it, enjoy it, and deal with its consequences. I wish us another year of doing well enough to get through, and maybe a bit better than that sometimes. I wish us the satisfaction of knowing that we are moving in the direction of our own ideals.