Funny – even though it’s been unseasonably warm here, the weather did change when winter hit. It’s been cloudier than it was back in October, November and early December, without the Rembrandt quality to the light that I wrote about earlier. We are supposed to get some cooler weather this week, and maybe some snow showers, but it’s still going to be above freezing so I doubt any snow will stick.

I do enjoy the freedom that cooler wweather and being female give in matters of dress. Today I am wearing workout clothes, that could also be pajamas – black running tights and a black cotton camisole – just with a few more work-appropriate things thrown over them. Since the latter include a minikilt loose enough to hang at my hips and a stretchy cotton sweater that’s not tight fitting nad doesn’t bind anywhere all they do is to add warmth. Add tricky kitten-heeled ankle boots (the trick is that they look like stilettos but are only 2″ high – and the forefoot sole is rubber) and I’m set. The even trickier part is that apparently low boots and short skirts are a Thing this season but the thicker and very opaque tights tones it down enough (I hope!) to be work-appropriate. I do love the feeling that I’m in jammies and no one can tell, though it’s not a new idea. Louisa May Alcott may have loved it also judging by the “freedom suit” she puts on Rose in Eight Cousins.

This weekend was much the same as last weekend, only a little more boring (whereas last weekend all the nesting felt wonderful). For us that’s usually a sign that we’ve recovered from the previous adventure and it’s time to go do something else tiring. Maybe Delft next weekend. Also, I’m thinking I want to turn 40 in London, so it’s time to start planning for that. I was originally thinking about going all by myself, but have decided it would be nicer having Rudder there as long as he doesn’t mind doing all the stuff I want to including the V&A and Greenwich Observatory, which he’ll like, but also pifflefesting (can be hard when you don’t know the people) and if possible yarn and/or bead shopping. (Recommendations for London hotels as well as yarn or bead shops are very welcome.) Right now I’m thinking about going for just a weekend, but may stay an extra day or two. I expect to get back there when my mom visits in May, anyway.

I’ve finally finished the gloves for Rudder, even including tucking in the 73,590 ends (well, ok, a total of 24 by actual count, this being one reason knitters like mittens) and have started a hat for me. I wanted to make fingerless gloves, but don’t have any yarn that would work – I did have lovely soft red alpaca-silk, but gave it away in my pre-move destashing. At least when I did that I made sure the Good Stuff went to people I knew would appreciate it – it may still be sitting in someone’s stash but I bet it gets fondled now and then. And it gave me an excuse to try out both Angel Yarns and Debbie Bliss’s Cashmerino. two things I’ve been itching to try out. Plus the hat looks quick and fun to knit; if this one works out well I may just make another for a friend who has the sort of curls that wouldn’t fit into a normal hat.

I still have two scenes to write in the Holmes/Potterverse story – the real problem is that I began it when I was reading the first volume of Annotated Sherlock Holmes, and it’s been hard to sustain the momentum since I finished the book. The real solution is to read the second volume, but I haven’t felt like it yet. I’ve worked out most of the tricky plot stuff, anyway, so it’s just a matter of putting the words down and (the hard part) getting them in the propoer voice. But this morning, when I grabbed The World of Jeeves for some quick reading, it struck me: who is more obviously a Squib than Bertie Wooster? (Or nearly one, at least.) It accounts for his own family’s scorn as well as his need for Jeeves’ support. (“I say, Jeeves, old top, we’re due at the Ponsonby-Smythe’s this afternoon and I seem to have forgotten the blighted Apparate Charm again. Would you mind doing the honors?” “Certainly, sir. But if I might venture a point, perhaps the blue robes with the discreet tweed for a country visit?”)