It was cold this morning. -5C according to our car, or about 24F. Toasty for Minnesotans or New Englanders, but a bit nippy for someone who’s spent a decade in Arizona. Fortunately today I had a nice warm hat to wear into work. Mine’s maybe a little wider than the one in the picture or else I spent less time artfully arranging that one lock to fall in front. But it’s a gorgous flame colored Manos del Uruaguay – I don’t mean “red”, I mean literally flame-colored. It’s got all the shades of orange, crimson, port, and various blues of a campfire as it begins to burn down at the end of the night. The predictable drawback to this is that I began wanting a sweater of the stuff, but I only have two more skeins of it, and it doesn’t seem to be widely available in Europe. (Though one store in London seems to have some.)

I’m trying to squeeze every drop of enjoyment I can from this cold weather. I keep dreading the idea of going to another steamy climate in less than a year. Intellectually I know that two years isn’t forever, that Taiwan has colder weather up in its many mountains, and that it will be an adventure and we’ll enjoy it. But my hindbrain keeps howling, “More hot weather? Nooooo! I don’ wanna!!

Way #7894 to tell Dichroic has lived in a hot climate too long: I’m going to try making a roast in the crock pot tonight – I’ll leave it in overnight, then reheat it tomorrow night after class. (I could leave it cooking tomorrow during the day and have it fresher, but we’re a little worried about leaving the crock pot going unattended all day. I want to put it in right before bedtime, since the recipes I’ve seen call for 8 hours.

I was wondering, if I get the ingredients together earlier, if I can fit it all in the fridge. That was when I had to stop and whack myself on the head. It’s freezing out. I have two balconies. Who *cares* if there’s space in the fridge?

(Probably wouldn’t leave it outside all day tomorrow, but when it’s done cooking I can put it in a ziploc or divide it into smaller bowls.)