It’s snowing again, actually more like sleet. This morning the fountain in front of work was frozen over – it’s used to recirculate water from the fab, so isat least 3′ deep and very large. Our plans are to visit Delft tomorrow and row Sunday; I don’t mind cancelling plans due to bad weather, especially since I do have errands I’d like to do Saturday, but what worries me is the possibility that it will get just enough nicer to carry out the activities as planned, but not enough to make them pleasant.

The other day when I took the bus home, I detoured to the bridal / fabric / button / craft store to verify that their yarn selection was as bad as I remembered (3 racks, nothing without at least 50% acrylic). Worse, they verified that they are indeed the only yarn store in town currently. But when I asked pitifully if they had any actual wool, the man behind the counter pulled out (also from behind the counter) a hanger with balls of wool in several colors. The colors were nice basic neutrals, and it felt OK, so I bought 10 balls of the navy. The good part in all of this is that it cost me only €2.50 per ball. It’s Annell superwash 100% wool, worstedweight – I couldn’t even find it on Google, which is probably not a good sign. (I did find some Annell, but it was a wool / polyamide blend.) Maybe this stuff is either brand new or discontinued. I’ve been knitting a swatch, and it’s got a nice enough hand and isn’t splitting or anything as I knit it, not even when I knit in the dark on my way to work. I’ve met more expensive yarn that felt worse.

What I have in mind is a top-down raglan in a 2×2 rib, with a little shaping, just barely loose enough to drape instead of cling and just long enough to reach the top of my pants even if I stretch. I’m still debating the neckline but will probably go with a shallow V-neck. I was thinking about having it cross over, just by an inch or two, like a favorite sweater of mine (store-bought) but I think that would be too bulky in this yarn and with the ribbing. I’m also considering making things a little more difficult for myself (this can also be phrased as “making it a learning experience” and putting in this “simple” celtic cable down the front. It will be interesting to see how well I can match my vision. Even if it’s perfect (as if!), I won’t be able to publish the pattern because it will be just a combination of a basic Barbara Walker sweater with a Girl From Auntie cable, but I’ll have a comfy stretchy and hopefully pretty sweater, which is the important thing.