This morning was so nice. They were holding the company All-Hands half-yearly meeting in a facility walking distance from our place. The meeting started at 9:45 and buses left from work at 9 to get people there. (Dutch workdays start later than in the US – we usually get in around 8 and that’s earlier than most people). So instead of driving in and busing right back, we slept all the way to 7AM (Rudder wanted to get up at 6:45 – our usual time on days we don’t work out – but I vetoed that, of course), had plenty of time to lift weights, shower, get dressed and even hang out a little before work. I hung out, at least; the boy took advantage of the extra time in characteristic fashion and did a 10K erg piece after lifting. I married a masochist – do you think I could sell my sad story as a tell-all magazine article?

The meeting was quite interesting and informative, but I think there needs to be a ban on the use of certain songs to acommpany the slide presentations at corporate meetings. I hereby nominate Eye of the Tiger, the Rocky theme, and Highway to the Danger Zone to be on the inaugural list. Not one but two of those was used today, along with some less overused tunes.