I wonder if something’s wrong with fanfiction .net. So far I’ve gotten a grand total of zero reviews of the new Holmes story, as opposed to five in the first day (and a total of 10) for Watson’s Task. It could also possibly be because I gave it a T (teen) rating instead of a K (general-audience one), but since it contains several dead bodies, a gruesome injury (not described in any detail) and a madman who gets off on blood (though, again, described in a manner suitable for Conan Doyle’s original Victorian audiences), I wasn’t quite comfortable rating it a K. Given the total lack of described gore, maybe I will make it a K+. The two beta-readers seemed to like it – and the final version is certainly better, with their input, than the one they saw – so I don’t think the lack of reviews is due to general suckitude. That shouldn’t matter anyway – after all, there’s nothing to keep people from writing negative reviews. I just ought to be more patient, I suppose, and just hope I haven’t written something totally boring. If dripping blood doesn’t work, maybe I need to have more things blow up?

On other creative projects, I’m fairly happy with the way the increases on my sweater are coming out. The holes in the mitered corners where new ribs emerge are a little larger than ideal, but that’s OK, because I’d be wearing a shirt under it anyhow. I think I just need to be more careful about not increasing two stitches in the same leg of a stitch, if that makes sense – like if I knit one through the front loop, I have to purl through the back leg so the base stitch is twisted. I’m a tiny bit worried about whether I cast on enough stitches to start with, but as long as it can go over my head, that’s not a problem for a top-down sweater – I just will go on increasing until it’s big enough. I’m very pleased with the feel of this very inexpensive wool as I knit it, and it’s superwash so hopefully will be fairly durable. It’s proving to be more original thought than I’d expected, but I will certainly not be publishing the pattern on any of the knitting magazines because I have no desire to have to make it again in different sizes. I might “publish” it here if it comes out well.

I’m currently debating whether to have this Celtic cable running down the front center from the point of the V-neck on down. Don’t know what to do with the ribs above that but I think I can just leave them, and if I get very ambitous maybe I could put a few cable twists down the outside of the arms. Rudder thinks that one cable front and center will look silly and that I should have one on each side of the front, but I think I’d hate that. Plus, with one cable over each breast, the cable twists would be sure to pull in and leave a hole in an awkward spot.

I managed to eke out 7k on the erg this morning, though it was definitely a slow start. After yesterday’s lifting, my glutes hurt! (Not to mention my shoulders and assorted other bits.) I meant to be lifting max amounts and short reps all along, but the new setup with all free weights took some getting used to. Since Rudder and I were working in together I had some incentive to do heavier stuff, so we wouldn’t have to change as many weights out. Ouch.